A Day in the Life #OnVan

Enjoy the views of Nationals Park from the rooftop of our luxury DC apartments

Living #OnVan presents you the opportunity to live the life you always imagined in Washington, D.C. Our apartment is contemporary and chic in a laidback atmosphere all while providing the amenities you desire. Every day at 1221 Van offers a new way to connect to the community and live your best life. No two days are the same when living in the heart of Navy Yard. Whether you’re having a relaxing weekend in or hosting your friends for a weekend filled with adventure, here’s what you can expect when you get to call 1221 Van home.

9:07am: (For the morning gym buff) – You wake up with no alarm in a sun-filled room looking out to the Nat’s stadium. Grabbing your yoga mat, you head downstairs to the state-of-the-art K!CK Fitness Center for a rejuvenating yoga session in the studio. The studio is fully equipped so that you can achieve an energizing workout or restorative yoga session at any time of the day.

11:15am: (For the weekend brunch enthusiast) – Now that you got in your morning workout, you’re ready to take on the rest of the weekend. It’s time to indulge and replenish and luckily, brunch plans at Mission are just a hop, skip and jump away (literally underneath the property) when you live at 1221 Van. Cruise on over to the bottomless margarita and guacamole go to weekend brunch spot and munch with your crew for a moment before planning the rest of the weekend festivities.

2:41pm: (For the book worm in us all) – After chowing down with your brunch buddies, it’s a good time to take a moment to breathe and let your body settle for a bit. You take that new book you can’t put down and bring it up to the rooftop to relax and finish that chapter (or three) on our luxurious lounge chairs overlooking our infinity pool. Taking in the surrounding views of D.C. (did we mention our rooftop deck is spacious, open, and covers 3 out of the 4 sides of our building?) and the cool breeze blowing on the high-rise building, you can’t help but doze off for a bit.

4:11pm: You’re suddenly awakened by a splash from one of your friends who just arrived at the pool deck and realize just how hot the summer sun is in that moment. You quickly hop in the crystal-clear, perfect temperature, infinity pool giving your skin the refreshing dip it needed. As you towel off, you you stand in awe of the gorgeous D.C. views seen from every angle. To your right, the Anacostia River is glistening and directly due south, the Nat’s Stadium is the perfect summer backdrop.

6:20pm: (For the hostess with the mostest) – Those margaritas from brunch earlier are starting to call your name again. You decide to take full advantage of the rooftop’s lounge and the fully equipped wet bar and mix up a few cocktails for your friends who are joining you in the weekend’s festivities. Outside, the grill station is just starting to heat up, which happens to be the perfect meeting spot for an evening BBQ. With our large stainless-steel grills built into outdoor counter space, and oversized lounge chairs, you’ll have plenty of space to food prep and relax comfortably. As you lounge on the couches and enjoy your freshly grilled meal, you watch from above as the National’s stadium begins to fill up.

7:05pm: (For the Baseball fanatic)-  It’s game time. Everyone gathers by the rooftop stadium seats that are perfectly positioned to look right down home plate so that you’ll never miss a pitch. Crowd cheers are heard, laughs are had, and memories are made. It’s the perfect summer night.

9:32pm: As the air starts to cool down, our gas fire pits start to call your name and invite you to get cozy with your friends. Our rooftop has a resort-style lounge with couches spread out throughout the deck with personal fire pits, making any evening special, and tonight is no different.

10:24pm: (For the competitive friend) – The bets are on. You and your friends get into a competitive game of pool while taking advantage of the beautiful billiard table in the lounge and end up playing a few games while enjoying the nighttime city lights coming in through the windows. You hit the last shot to win the game and victory is yours. As you get ready to call it a night, you begin to plan your day ahead and appreciate the fact that the options are boundless and always #OnVan.

Everyday can turn from ordinary to spectacular in the right environment and with the right company. 1221 Van is the perfect setup to be both a relaxing escape and an exciting social community, any day of the week. Our extensive list of amenities combined with our ideal location across from Nat’s stadium makes for a unique space in the heart of Navy Yard.

Come see for yourself, you’ll be happy you did. Learn more about living #OnVan here and schedule a tour here.





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