Tackle Your 2019 Wellness Goals At The Capitol Riverfront

Finding the motivation to take a fitness class can be challenging at times — pair that with characteristically cold winter months in DC and it can feel like your own personal rendition of Mission: Impossible. That being said, we know that with 2019 taking off, finding new goals to go after can be an exciting part of the new year. While we can’t physically do the work for you (although that would be rad) we do happen to be in one of the best spots in the city to foster an environment of wellness so that your journey is a little bit easier.

Yoga with Realignment Studio

For the seasoned veteran or inspiring yogi — look no further than this grounding class every Tuesday and Thursday at the Rose Physical Therapy office. Realignment studio is a local, women-owned meditation and yoga studio where all levels of experience are welcome to explore the practice of presence.


This Pilates-based fitness class is one of the most challenging out there. You’ll spend the majority of the class on a machine that will use resistance and your own body weight to give you a workout like no other — seriously, you’ll be sore in places that you didn’t even know existed. Lights are dim, music is perfectly echoed throughout the room, and the comradery between your fellow fitness warriors will motivate you to complete the 50-minute class.

VIDA Fitness 

Although we have a fully equipped fitness center at 1221 Van, we understand that some people like to go to a designated gym for their fitness “me time.” Vida Fitness is a great option for those who like the option between a variety of classes, personal training, nutritional classes, and swoon-worthy locker rooms. Not to mention, it’s within walking distance and right near the Navy Yard Metro so you can go straight to or from work. 

Trapeze School

You know all the times you threatened to run away to the circus as an angsty child? No? Just us? Ok well anyways, here is your chance to try something completely different in the fitness realm. This fun Navy Yard establishment is ready for all levels of experience when it comes to flying upside down and trying to catch a small bar mid-air. You may hate it, you may love it, but we can guarantee you won’t forget it.


Meeting your fitness goals is always best accompanied by a holistic approach. If supporting yourself internally resonates with you, GNC is there for all your vitamin, mineral, supplement, and nutritional needs. You know you’re an adult when walking into a store filled with vitamins sounds like a fun weekend activity.

Whole Foods Market

Speaking of fun weekend activities…we all are guilty of getting a little too excited about roaming the aisles of Whole Foods and going for seconds on the free samples. Seriously though, having this magical grocery store come to Capitol Riverfront is a huge win. Although it can be pricey, if you’re strategic about which items you purchase there, your wellness goals can be exponentially supported though their fresh and organic choices.

No matter how you choose to accomplish your 2019 goals, 1221 Van and the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood have got your back. When it comes to resolutions in general, it’s all about consistency, not perfection. Experiment with some, or all, of the options above and see what makes most sense for you. And if none of these options suit your fancy, you can always head down to the K!CK Fitness Center #OnVan.

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