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Tacos, Tacos, Tacos – The Capitol Riverfront Ranking

We dare you to try and come up with a better food/drink combo than tacos & tequila. The mix of flavors, the accompanying guacamole, the fact you can eat them with your hands – everything leads to a euphoric dining moment. If you want to see someone’s true colors come out, ask them their favorite place to grab tacos. They’ll get defensive, protective, and potentially a tear in their eye as they describe the spot where they spend every Taco Tuesday. Lucky for us, Capitol Riverfront is booming with plenty of dining options featuring tasty tacos so you can try all of them and defend your pick. Until then, here’s our ranking of the best tacos in town.

#4 Taco City DC

This place is perfect for when you have an intense taco craving, it isn’t yet Tuesday, and you need tacos de pescado in your vicinity ASAP. The homemade corn tortillas are delightful and the options are seemingly endless. If you’re feeling adventurous, dabble with the Lengua taco. It’s an intriguing mix of radish, cilantro, onion, salsa roja, and beef tongue. Don’t knock it til’ ya try it.

Photo via IG @tacocitydc


#3 Agua 301

If you’re the type of person who sits at their desk day dreaming of being in Mexico, sipping on margaritas while looking out at the ocean, we hear you. While we can’t give you a vacay to Tulum, we do know a place where you can get served tacos and tequila while looking out to the water. And when we say water we mean the Anacostia river. Agua 301 is gorgeously designed and has incredibly tasty food. This place is great for a date night or when you want to order 3-7 decadent tacos to go and eat them all on your couch while binge watching Blue Planet, thinking about how you’re going to get to a Tulum beach.

Photo via IG @food_samaritan


#2 El Bebe

Honestly, you’ll probably want to go here just so you can say ‘El Bebe’ multiple times (** cue, “I studied abroad in Spain for a semester” comment**). This new Navy Yard restaurant is, dare we say, extremely cute and fun. The interior is stunning and features a cheeky neon sign with the words ‘Tequila, yes. You, maybe.’ El Bebe also has great vegetarian options like mushroom or cauliflower tacos.

Photo via IG @elbebetacos


# 1 Mission – Navy Yard

In terms of convenience, you really can’t beat walking downstairs to get to your tacos. Our ground floor neighborhood has an Instagram-worthy atmosphere, a house margarita (comes in pitchers for happy hours with friends) and has some darn good tacos. Our pick? The Buffalo Shrimp tacos – they’re subtly sweet and have a funky kick of blue cheese that pairs beautifully with a spicy margarita.


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